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Our Mission 

The most important thing in living a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that we are eating the right balance of nutrients. .

At FarmHouse Crepes, our Mission is to provide healthy food in a home away from home atmosphere. Our Crepes are made with wholesome ingredients that are nutritious and delicious. Eating healthy has never tasted so good!


Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients are deliberately chosen to promote good health. In addition to our original FarmHouse batter, we offer a gluten-free option made  out of fresh buckwheat. From the farm to our kitchen, we ensure freshness and the highest quality of fruits and vegetables.  

Our Core Values 



We know that access to nutritious food can combat hunger, conflict, and disease worldwide. Here at Farmhouse Crêpes we  have PEACE of mind knowing that some of our profits will be donated to charity in order to help combat world hunger. 


We understand the importance of good  health, so at Farmhouse Crêpes we  prepare  all of our food with

LOVE in our hearts. Our ingredients are deliberately chosen to be healthy and delicious!




We believe that happiness can be found in unexpected places. At Farmhouse Crêpes, we welcome all of our customers 

with a bright smile, comforting atmosphere, and  unique display  of crêpe making. Your happiness is important to us, so we aim to make you happy during every visit.

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